Skype Recorder for Mac: Record Calls to Gmail, PC & More

mac skype recorderSince first released in August 2003, Skype has become one of the best ways to communicate with each other. It has gained more than 6 millions of users all over the world. With Skype, people can easily dial voice calls or video calls for totally free. It's also an easy to use Instant Messenger (IM) software application. If there's any feature that Skype users are looking for, it's conversion recording.

Currently, Skype can't record calls and chats. But it's important for businessmen and private users to refer to their conversations later. Fortunately, G-Recorder works seamlessly with Skype and easily records Skype calls and saves Skype history to your email box (e.g. Gmail). Get it for free trial now.

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How to Record Skype Calls and Backup History on Mac

Step 1. Install G-Recorder on Mac

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and drag and drop to the Application folder.

Step 2. Open G-Recorder and you'll see the interface as below.

skype recorder for mac 1

Step 3. In the Chat Recording box, check to record new chats and/or export existing chats. In the Call Recording box, set the backup location, frequency and quality. Click Next.

Step 4: Set the record trigger. By default, this Skype recorder will save chat to mailbox after idle for 2 hours.

skype recorder for mac 2

Step 5: Click Next to input your login information.

skype recorder for mac 3

Step 5: Click Finish and your Skype chats and calls will be stored in the specified email box under Skype chats and Skype calls labels.

skype recorder software for mac

Key Features of Skype Recorder for Mac

  • Record Skype chats/calls to Gmail.
  • Record audio calls to local disk.
  • Export existing chat history to email box.
  • Supports free email services (Gmail, Yahoo and AOL).
  • Supports corporate emails servers (Google Apps, MS Exchange and Zimbra.)
  • Add searchable call and chat notes.
  • Forward calls and chats to any email.
  • Multiple computers support.

Download Skype Recorder for Mac Version buy skype recorder for mac